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Honda BEAT Modifikasi Back Sweet

Honda BEAT Modifikasi Back Sweet
Honda BEAT Modifikasi Back Sweet
Honda BEAT Modifikasi Back Sweet
Honda BEAT Modifikasi Back Sweet
Honda BEAT Modifikasi Back Sweet
Honda BEAT Modifikasi Back Sweet
Modifikasi Knalpot Honda Beat Baru is Very sweet, and Pelek Roda Belakang Modif Top Best sweet Motor
Shift in this trend also ogled PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) by issuing some kind skutik, one of which is Honda Beat.
INILAH.COM also directly tested this Vario brother back home in Pondok Gede.
Driven on the street padat capital, Beat show action with the advantages of a leaner bodynya from Vario making it very easy to maneuver even in sharp corners.
Body small, light weight, also a value added when riders looking for parking space.
Beat the gas setting was perfect for driving on the road when the conditions 'show off dairy' (solid crept forward like-like stop). Driver's feet do not need it often planted on the ground when walking in the Beat creep conditions.
What if Beat driven in the deserted streets? Beat It turns out also reliable enough for this one condition. Speeding at 60 km per hour speeds at Jalan TB Simatupang Rebo Market direction, Beat pitch without a problem.
Entering the street with broken conditions in the area of Pondok Gede, Beat suspension feels quite soft in the front and rear wheels.
Safety factor also be a plus riders from the Beat. Mirror that looks a bit long so help drivers have a broader outlook to the rear.
Form of security offered by the Beat is the key locks the shutter such as those found on motorcycles other AHM output.
In addition to safe, Hard Rock Beat Black color also has a comfort level topnotch. Leg rider will not be sore because not supported by the motor body.
Maybe it does not feel comfortable if the rider has a high and great posture. Beat handlebar position and shape will make people with this posture will bend. Beat This may be because the market is more directed to women.
Unfortunately, ridership slightly uncomfortable because Footstep fused with the deck.
But fuel consumption is frugal because Beat was recorded for a quart can travel about 52 kilometers.
Edge in safety features, namely Lost Parking Brake which is a rear brake locking system functions such as the handbrake on the car and Side Stand Switch, which is a safety system that disables the machine if the standard open side.

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