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New MOTOR YAMAHA FAZER 8 & FZ8-N 2010 1000cc class?
MOTOR YAMAHA FAZER 8 & FZ8-N 2010 Pictures
Motorcycle manufacturers from Japan, Yamaha, assuredly clearly launched the FZ8 and Fazer8 to alter FZ6R and FZ6. Both models are additionally believed to be able of connected backbone in the apple bazaar FZ6. The two new models that use the aforementioned anatomy acclimated by the FZ1, but accustomed 779 cc able engine, abate than the agent accommodation FZ 1 which accomplished 998 cc. But alike so, ability was generated both still big abundant that is able to ability 104.7 hp at 10,000 rpm rev the agent torque maximum of 60.5 ft-lb at 8000 rpm.

Because of that power, Yamaha was quick and provides a array of assurance features, although it is still optional. Appearance such as anti-lock anchor arrangement (ABS) are accessible for -to-be owners FZ8 and Fazer8. The aberration lies in both their own anatomy of the tank. If the catchbasin anatomy FZ8 brings aka naked naked bike, Fazer8 arise added 'closed' with a little catchbasin allowance on the advanced and headlamps anatomy a added sporty. But for the whole, they arise to sangar because of his able-bodied and advancing curve of the architecture apparent on the Yamaha motors will be out in Europe first.


Harga Honda Supra X 125 R PGM-Fi Injeksi 2010 Elite

Informasi about Motor Honda Supra X 125 R PGM-Fi Injeksi 2010 Elite

Based on these statements, if the PGM-FI applied to Honda, the motorcycle will have a Performance of high environmental, fuel efficient but still did not reduce motor performance, because the ratio between fuel supply and ignition in the air and control through electronic sensors .

In essence Honda Supra X 125R PGM-FI so much better than the other bike, his biker will get the sensation of riding a fun, safe, comfortable, environmentally friendly and fuel efficient. That number is going on get if you have a motor with PGM-FI technology.

Approximately 3 system is a very striking effect when the dam PGM-FI technology applied, namely:

Fuel system: It is the duty fuel pump will flow from the tank to fuel injector perfectly.
Air Induction System: It is the amount of air that is inhaled into the cylinder through the sensor can be measured as the standard amount kevakumannya to be injected gasoline.
PGM-FI system provides advantages, namely reducing emissions, more efficient in fuel consumption, providing more responsive traction motors, machine easily turned on in any conditions (cold weather mountain though), idle is not affected at the height of an area (mountain), and to facilitate the periodic maintenance. PGM-FI system is the system in a motor fuel that has used technology in electronic controls, which could supply fuel and optimum air needed by the engine in each vehicle. Please correct if this is wrong.

Information from existing literature, said if the Honda is the pioneer in application of PGM-Fl system of motorcycles in Indonesia and this system has been applied to the type of PT Honda AHM launch, namely Honda Supra X 125R PGM-FI R.

Gambar Modifikasi Monosok Honda Supra X 125 PGM-Fi Injeksi 2010
Harga Honda Supra X 125 R PGM-Fi Injeksi 2010
Daftar Harga Motor Honda Supra X 125 R PGM-Fi Injeksi 2010 Elite:
NoType New supra x 125R 2010Pilihan warnaHarga / OTR
1Supra X 125 R SWDynamic RedRp. 14,365,000
Elegant Blue
Infinite White
2Supra X 125 R CWPhantom BlackRp. 15,465,000
Lightning Silver
Speedster White
Laser Green
3Supra X 125 R PGM-FIPrestigious BlackRP. 16,540,000
Glamorous Black
Gorgeous Violet


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