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Spesifikasi Kawasaki Ninja 250 R France autos Motorcycles

Kawasaki Ninja 250 R Kawasaki Ninja 250 cc Specs

Type de moteur
Moteur de déplacement
Alésage et course
Compression Ratio
Fuel System
Démarrage du système
Final Drive
Rake et Trail
Wheel Base
Hauteur de selle
Suspension avant
Suspension arrière
Front Brake
Frein arrière
Front Tire
Pneus arrière
Poids à sec
Ninja 250R
Parallel-twin 4-temps, DACT,
62.0 x 41.2mm
Liquid Cooled
(2) Keihin CVK30mm
TCBI avec Digital Advance
Six vitesse
26 degrés / 3,2 po
55.1 po
30.5 po
Fourche télescopique hydraulique de 37 mm / 4,7 po
Bottom-Link Uni-Trak ® avec 5-réglable précharge / 5.1 po
Simple disque hydraulique de 290mm avec étrier deux pistons
Simple disque pétale de 220mm avec étrier deux pistons
4,8 gal.
374 lbs.
$ 3.499


Spesifikasi Motor Honda vario Matic techno 2009 rider sport

Motor Honda vario Matic techno 2009
Length X width X height: 1897 x 680 x 1083 mm
Steering wheel distance: 1,273 mm
Lowest distance to the ground: 132.5 mm
Weight empty: 758 mm
Type order: dislocated back
Suspensi depan Type: Teleskopik
Type Suspensi rear: swing arm with single sokbreker
Front tire size: 80/90 - 14 M / C 40P
Rear tire size: 90/90 - 14 M / C 46P
Front brake: disc type with hydraulic piston ganda
Rear brake: Tromol
Fuel tank capacity: 3.6 Liter
Type of machine: Step 4, SOHC
Step x Diameter: 50.0 mm x 55.0 mm
Step volume: 108 cc
Comparison of compression: 10.7: 1
Maximum power: 8.99 PS / 8,000 rpm
Torsi maximum: 0.86 kgf.m / 6500 RPM
Lubricant engine capacity: 0.7 Liter in the periodic replacement of
Automatic clutch: Automatic centrifugal, dry type
Gigi transmsi: Automatic V-Matic
Dental pattern transfer: --
Starter: Pedal and electric
Aki: 12 V - 3.5 Ah
Spark plugs: ND U22FER9 / NGK CR7EH-9
Ignition system: DC - CDI, battery
High seat: 758 mm
System: the cooling fluid (liquid cooled)
Order cylinder: single cylinder
Carburettor: VK22 x 1
Front of the lamp: 12 W 25 V / 25 W x 2
Lights dusk: 12 V 3.4 W x 2


Spesifikasi Honda absolute Revo 2009 rider sport

Honda absolute Revo 2009


Absolute REVO Honda 110 engine that has not much different from the preceding. Still using the 4 steps SOHC engine. If compared with the preceding, of course different capacity, which is now 110.


* Type Suspensi depan Teleskopik
* Type Suspensi rear: swing arm with a reducer cheese ganda
* Front tire size: 70/90 - 17 M / C 38P
* Rear tire size: 80/90 - 17 M / C 44P
* Rem front: hydraulic Cakram, with single piston
* Rem background: Tromol
* Fuel tank capacity: 3.7 lt
* Type of engine: 4 step, SOHC, air cooling
* Diameter x steps: 50 x 55.6 mm
* Step Volume: 109.1 cc
* Comparison of compression: 9.0: 1
* Capacity of oil engine lubricants: 0.8 lt in the periodic change
* Automatic clutch: centrifugal, wet type, and ganda
* Gigi transmsi: 4-speed fixed mesh
* The transfer gear: centrifugal, wet type, and ganda
* Starter: Pedal and Electrical
* Aki: MF 12 V - 3 Ah
* Plug: U20EPR9S ND, NGK CPR6EA-9S
* Ignition system: AC-CDI, Battery


Spesifikasi motor Honda Tiger Revo 2009 speed rider motorcycles

Spesifikasi Honda Tiger Revo 2009:
250 cc twin engine configuration V is able to spew power 13.2 Kw at 8000 rpm (about 17.7 HP) Torsi and 16 Nm at 6000 RPM. Tire-Rear of Home (110/16 front and 120/16 rear), teardrop Tank capacity 14 liters, Configuration sasis Chooper, Twin Muffler, Speedo meter location ditangki typical motor Turing, Jok ergonimis and relaxed, more stylish accessories peturing sejati kinds Saddle Bag, high wind shield and foglamp classic.


Review motor Kawasaki Athlete 2009 and spesifikasi

1. Design a market for fresh cock. If during this time we only show disuguhi with FU and Sonic, now have a new rooster design with a more fresh. Design is a matter of taste depending on each person, but at least Athlete has provided an alternative for fans cock. Apart from the body, fresh impression can also be seen from the use of a unique disc plate.
2. The placement of tanks in the middle of the bones for some people because it is the aesthetic design that is less likely to be unanimous and sporti, but irrespective of the design problem of the subjective we can see that the placement of tanks such as this will make it easier to fill when gasoline. We do not need to come down from gasoline to fill the seat, close enough to open the tank is in front of us, such as motor sport.
3. The use of centrifugal clutch are also less suitable for those who want a more spontaneous acceleration, but this value is plus for those who do not like the use of manual clutch. For those of you who do not to use the manual clutch, you can still enjoy motor sport without having to duck "direpotkan" play with the clutch lever.
4. Use monoshock type of sleep that is unique in the motor production Indonesia. Concerning the impact to the handling has not been clear, but in this case is a cosmetic value.
5. From all that the most obvious problem is the price. Clutch manual removal, use of machine upright and wipe brush beradiator and other technology can certainly reduce the cost of production Athlete, and electrical current, of course, the biggest selling price. Kawasaki often duck out of the selling price lower than competitors, may also apply for this motor. So with the cheap price you can get at the motor sport with a fresh look plus the features above.


Review motor Yamaha FZ 150 R 2009 modification color and engine

1. Yamaha FZ 150 R to use as a substitute for V-Ixion. Is remarkable is that FZ 150 has a lower spek. Are FZ 150 eligible replace V-ixion? More often the case when changing products, resale value and this can anjlok should be avoided. Moreover is yamah must berinfestasi again and this need not cost you a bit. The first scenario looks like this can not be used.
2. Yamaha FZ 150 using the body as a facelift V-Ixion. Overview of the idea that this is more rational than the first. Different it is no need to change the engine, a new product can be issued, this strategy is similar to the strategy for Honda Megapro, REVO Tiger, Supra X125, and REVO. The problem is each product has a period of time. And V-Ixion is still a year could pave spelled too quick to switch the display. And again this will cause the resale value anjlok.
3. Yamaha FZ 150 to use as a product line under the V-Ixion. Can be spelled reasonable, especially with the price. Note that the price should be a matter of caution. If not they will eat each other and cases Karisma Supra-X125 can be repeated on both. Also to note is the placement market, with prices clearly cheaper FZ position 150 is a "subordinate" V-Ixion. However, with the same capacity, the possibility of both these products still have to eat each other. The solution is to reduce capacity FZ numbers 150 to 125, dealing with the alias Suzuki Thunder 125. That way both the position clear, V-Ixion the Pulsar, Apache, plus Megapro, while FZ 150 against the Thunder 125.


Spesifikasi Motor Yamaha Vixion 2009 blue color from Thai

Motor Yamaha Vixion 2009Spesifikasi

Type: Injection, Liquid cooled 4-Stroke, SOHC
Cylinder layout: Forward - inclined single cylinder
Cylinder volume: 149.80 cc
Step x Diameter: 57.0 mm x 58.7 mm
Compression Comparison: 10:40: 1
Maximum power: 11:10 kW @ 8500 rpm
Maximum Torsi: 13:10 Nm @ 7500 rpm
Pelumasan system: Wet sump / Pelumasan Wet
Engine Oil Capacity: 1:15 Liter
Air conditioner capacity: Recovery Tank 0.4 Liter, 0.79 Liter Total
Gasoline Tank Capacity: 12.0 Liter
Throttle body: MIKUNI SE AC28-1
Slow lap Engine: 1400 ± 100 rpm
Air Filter: Dry Element
Starter System: Electric Starter and Kick Starter
Clutch: Wet, Multiple-Disc
Transmission Type: Constant Mesh 5-Speed / Mechanical

Type of frame: Delta Box Frame / pressed Backbone
Suspensi Front: Telescopic Fork
Suspensi Rear: Swingarm (Link Suspension)
Front brake: Single Disc Brake 245.0x 4.0 mm
Rear brake: Drum Brake (Leading, trailing) 130.0mm
Tires Front: 2.75 - 17 41P
Rear tire: 90/90 - 17M / C 49P
Chain Size: 428
Number of chain: 120

Home lights: 12V, 35W / 35.0W x 1
Home sein lamp: 12V, 10.0W x 2
Rear lights: 12V, 5.0W x 1
Rem lamp: 12V, 5.0W / 21.0W x 1
Sein Rear lamp: 12V, 10.0W x 2
Battery: A 3.5
Plug / SparkPlug: CR8E NGK / DENSO U 24 ESR-N
Ignition system: DC - CDI [Full transistors]
Sekring: 20 A

P x L x T: 2000 mm x 705 mm x 1035 mm
Sit high place: 790 mm
Wheel distance axis: 1282 mm
Distance to Bottom Land: 167 mm
Empty Weight: 114.0 kg


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